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His project is a big investment in the future of Pizzato. It is the basis for our continued growth and offers new spaces and possibilities for providing our customers ever improving and faster services.
The new headquarters have a useable surface area of over 25,000 square metres and have been designed as an integrated structure, conceived and built to combine all Pizzato processes according to the concepts of Industry 4.0.Distributor Indonesia

This project represents the avant-garde of modern industrial production systems.
Not only did the company invest in increasing the available space, but also in terms of technology and in improving the work environment.

The new Pizzato Elettrica headquarters have been equipped with the most modern technology for reducing energy consumption.Distributor Indonesia It is an ecological building with reduced environmental impact.

On the roof of the building, a modern 280 kWp photovoltaic system ensures the production of electricity from renewable sources. www.felcro.co.id

Both the office building and the production plants have been entirely built in reinforced concrete, with a degree of anti-seismic protection higher than that required, as well as with the most modern fire-fighting technology, to ensure maximum safety for employees, suppliers and visitors. www.pizzato.co.id

The whole building is equipped with efficient thermal insulation, capable of retaining heat in winter and coolness in summer. A heat recovery system from the compressors and injection presses in the production departments reduces energy consumption for heating the premises. This technology guarantees a lower environmental impact of the building and offer high thermal comfort for the people inside.

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