PNOZ 1 by PT. Felcro Indonesia

Today there is a significant installed base of PNOZ 1 safety relays and PNOZ V safety relays (effectively a PNOZ 1 with a timer), and customers can still purchase replacements from Pilz. However, Pilz will be discontinuing the Classic range at the beginning of 2009, so the company has been taking steps to ensure that customers will not be inconvenienced.

While retaining the same product references, the new PNOZ 1 and PNOZ V relays have been designed into 90mm wide X range housings. The terminal positions, designations and the switching capacities are all identical to those of the original devices, making it very straightforward to exchange one for the other.

Here in the UK the new models will be priced approximately £5 lower than their Classic predecessors, so customers even get to benefit from reduced costs.

Customers needing to replace other Classic safety relays for which no like-for-like replacement is available can contact Pilz for assistance and advice on which safety relay to use and how to connect it. Technical support is available by telephone (24/7), fax and email and is, of course, free of charge.

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