PNOZmulti Mini – Expansion modules

The configurable small control systems PNOZmulti Mini have a smaller number of expansion modules than the devices PNOZmulti and PNOZmulti 2. You can expand the expandable base units PNOZ mm0.1p and PNOZ mm0.2p on the left by a maximum of four link modules per base unit. You can use the link module PNOZ mml1p Multi-Link for safely linking base units for the small control systems PNOZmulti Mini, PNOZmulti 2 or PNOZmulti. This enables you to use them with distributed plants with a ring or tree structure.

The link module PNOZ mml2p PDP is for connecting the decentralised IP67 modules PDP67. Connect the appropriate sensor technology and use these devices to monitor safety functions decentrally in the field. Every sensor can be uniquely addressed and diagnosed. To the right of the base unit you can connect PNOZsigma contact expansion modules from the product group. The following communication modules are also available.

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