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Our safety relays are distinguished by a variety of supply voltage ranges, the number of safety contacts, the number of terminals or the ability to plug in terminals. Find out more about the functions of a safety relay in the lexicon article.
Based on their different features and functionalities, our products can be divided into the following product groups:


Safety relay with an internal combination logic
Individual creation in myPNOZ Creator
Tailor-made in batch size 1
Quick and easy commissioning

Maximum function in a minimum width
Adjustable operating modes and times
Scalable thanks to a modular design

Safety for every function
Electromechanical, floating
With wide-voltage power supply unit

Square, single, yellow
Ideal for high-volume series machine manufacturers
Basic function of a safety application

Easy to link
Expanded diagnostics

High loads from 8 A to 16 A
Switch motor loads directly
Modular output contacts

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