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Shut down supply voltages and motors safely using PNOZpower
PNOZpower modules are not exclusively driven via the PNOZ p1p base unit. Via the coupling connector PNOZ pe2p you can e.g. connect it up to the small control systems PNOZmulti. Power modules switch off supply voltages and motors directly and safely. The ability to switch high currents of up to 16 A per module removes the need for external contactors.

Shut down supply voltages and motors safely using PNOZpower
In conjunction with at least one expansion module from the PNOZpower range, the PNOZ pe1p control module safely shuts down motors or supply voltages on valves and contactors.

In each case, external contactors and contactor combinations are no longer required. The base unit processes the inputs; the output modules are specifically matched to the respective load. The number and capacity of the required safety contacts can be scaled, depending on the application. You can connect a maximum of five modules to the base unit. Modules are wired to the base unit via an internal bus system.

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