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PT. Felcro Indonesia is a company safety solution provider in automation, test and measurements, and engineering consultancy. For more than 13 years, We have successfully implemented many automation projects for various well-known multinational companies in Indonesia and overseas. Supported by experienced and well-trained engineers and technicians. We have developed many automation systems that areapplied in variuos industries sectors , such as semiconductor, automotive, food & beverage and chemical. With the main focus on embedded systems and motion control, We have positined itself as a solution provider in the area of advanced technoloy for automation. 

Being a part of associations and user organizations further strengthens PT.Felcro Indonesia’s connection with the industry, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and staying informed about industry standard and best practices. This collaborative and engaged approach us as dynamic and responsive player in the automation sector. This involvement showcases a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and being actively engaged in the broader automation community.

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