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PT. Felcro Indonesia is authorised distributor pilz in Indonesia, safety solutions provider since 2011. We offer pilz safety relays mypnoz, safety sensor psencode, emergency stop, speed monitoring, safety gates, light barriers, light curtains, two hand controls, standstill and more. Our products and systems have passed approvals and tests worlwide. This avoids resource intensive re-adjustment during the project. With us you have the optimum merger of safe and standard automation

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Industrial Security

Industrial security describes the protection of machines and plants against manipulation and incorrect operation. Because machine and plants are becoming increasingly networked, industrial security is becoming even more important in automation. It’s no longer enough to simply protect people from accidents when they are operating a machine. The machine itself also has to be protected from potential attackers, since external manipulation can ompair or even eliminate machinery safety. A holistic safety concept that also takes industrial security into account is all the more important

EN ISO 12100 – Safety of machinery – General pricples for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction.

Type A standards specify fundamental concepts, terminology and principles for design that are applicable for all machinery categories. The application of such standards in itselfis not sufficient to guarantee compliance with the relevant fundamental safety and helat protection requirement of the directive, although they constitute an important framework for the conceptapplication of the Machinery Directive, application therefore does not give rise to any blanket presumption of conformity.

Type B standards deal with certain machinery safety issues or certain types of safeguards that can be used across a wide range of machinery categories. Application gives rise to presumption of conformity with the fundamental requirement of the Machinery Directive that are thus covered. 

Type C standards contain specifications for a certain machinery cateory.The various machine types that belong to the category covered by a type C standard have similar intended use present similar hazards.

SAFETY is our core competency, safety solutions and industrial security.


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