Risk Assessment.

We review your product and systems  application in accodance with the applicable national standards and directives and assess the existing hazards.

It will provide and understanding of how risk assessment and safety are applied to automation and show that the rules and standards being created for safety automation are indeed achievable.


Monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers

Safety Concept.

We develop detailed technical solutions for the safety of your product and systems application through mechanical, electronic and organisational measures. 

Safety automation represents the technologies and methods usedto automate protection of the three assets with the goal of preventing an undesired event that results in damage. Current safety standards such as EN ISO 14120 and EN ISO 13855 define safety as the absence of unacceptable risk. Safety is no longer to be viewed in terms of mere regulatory compliance, it is a business a process.         

Safety Design.

A detailed planning of the necessary protective measures reduces or eliminates the danger zones of the application.


Our expert specialist staff review and analyse the risk assessment and safety concept and perform collision measurement and accordance with the limit values laid down in EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061. 

Even if as a system is proven to be very reliable under normal operating conditions, it may still be subjected to various abnormal conditions. Ensuring that an automated safety critical system operates within the defined system safety requirements and does not fail in ways that may lead to an unsafe condition, is difficult but very important tasks.

Training & courses.

Our training courses impart profesional expertise relating to the safe application of robot, product and systems. Our technical support team can be contacted round the clock. 

We offer a comprehensive training portfolio that meets all individual requirements for supplementary qualification in companies in the field of safety and automation.               

Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Latest Technology.

Automation systems are increasingly incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable more adaptive and intelligent decision making. This allows systems to learn and improve over time. Robotic Process Automation involves the use of software robot or bots to automate repetitive, run-based tasks. It has been widely adopted in business processes to increase efficiency and reduce manual effort.            

International Compliance.

We ensure conformity with the official requirement such as CE marking in Europe, or OSHA in the USA, NR-12 in Brazil, KOSHA in Korea, GOST in Russia, or CCC in China .

Standard & Regulations.

Business may need to comply with regulations related to enviromental impact, waste disposal and sustainable practices. Especially relevant in industries related to food, healthcare and hospitality, adherence to health and sanitation standards is crucial for public safety.

Our Goals.

Ensuring our customer are happy with our products or services. Staying a head of the competition by introducing new and improved products and our services. growing our business by entering new markets or reaching a larger customer base. Fostering positive work enviroment to attract and retain top talent. Contributing to the community and enviroment through sustainable practices. Streamlining process to enhance productivity and reduce ineffeiciencies. Building a strong brand that is easily recognizable and trusted by consumers.