Standard & directives.

Having components and systems that has already passed global approvals and test simplifies the integration process, as it minimizes teh need for resource intensive adjustments during project lifecycle. This pre-approval ensure a smooth merger of safety and standard automation. Additionally, the company’s readiness with substantial inventory including 12.000 parts from 3.500 different items, mean we can respond quickly to customer need, providing swift delivery and reducing potential downtime for clients.   

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Our Benefits.

Leveraging a company’s expertise in safety relays, like Pilz PNOZ can be invaluable monitoring various safety functions. These include safety gate systems, light barriers, safety switches, light curtains and speed monitoring. Such experience ensures that the safety components are not only correctly chosen for the specific needs of a project but are also properly integrated to maintain the highst safety standard.         

Machinery Safety.

Risk Assessment
Safety Concept
Safety Design

Course & Training.

Offering a comprehensive training portfolio tailored to the specific needs of companies in the field of safety and automation demonstrated of commitment to enhancing industry knowledge and skills. The approach ensure that employee are well equipped with the necessary qualifications and up to date expertise to operate safetyy and efficiently in today’s technologically advanced work environments.             

Online Seminars.

The structured and organized content provided in the training portfolio is designed to optimize both personel and corporate qualifications paths. It caters to various level of expertise,from beginners learning the fundamentals of machinery safety to individuals seeking certification as expert in selected subject areas, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey.               

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Latest Technology.

Maintaining a program of regular training courses for employees ensures that we remain current with the latest technological advancements.  The collaboration which manufacturers to develop customer specific product according to provided drawing and functional description exemplifies a value-added engineering service offer customers, tailoring solutions to meet precise needs specifications.            

Direct access to manufactures.

  • Camera systems, vision sensors
  • Safety technology
  • Human Robot Colaboration      
  • Measurement technology
  • Accessories, cabling and machine control
  • Control panel accessories


The courses in question appears to be comprehensive, delving into the intricate technical aspects of machinery safety. It provide participants with a full understanding of the subject, covering erything of relevant legislation and standard to safeguarding technique and an in-deep examination of fuctional safety principles throughout the lifecycle of machinery.


Our Goals.

The company’s goal is to offer the best possible solution to clients by prividing a selection various brands, including highly specialized products. We also cater to the need for older, long-standing items that may be difficult to acquire elsewhere, ensuring a comprehensive service offering that addresses a wide range of client requirements.