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Safe automation has a name: Pilz. Founded in 1948, the family business has continuously transformed itself: from a glass-blowing business to an electronics company, to an automation company and digitiser. Common elements in all these times are the joy of innovation and a value-oriented togetherness based on trust, passion and creativity. In this way, Pilz creates safety for human, machine and the environment.

Pilz is a company of standing, in which values are lived. As ambassadors for safety, we ensure the worldwide protection of human, machine and the environment, with no compromises. Within the company too, we foster a trustful, value-oriented togetherness, which carries us forward. http://www.pilz.com

We are reliable partners for our customers and develop innovative automation solutions with full commitment and passion, to ensure your success.

As a Swabian company that’s steeped in tradition, we are proud of our accomplishments to date. With our creativity, we achieve innovation. Our inventive genius constantly drives us on, making us an important player in the history of safety-related automation. http://www.pilz.com

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