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With our “Identification and Access Management” portfolio, we offer you a comprehensive range of products, solutions and software for the implementation of both safety and security tasks.

Below you’ll discover more about potential applications, from simple authentication to complex access permissions, and access management through to safe operating mode selection, maintenance safeguarding and safeguarding of data and networks. Experience Safety and Security in one system

This solution ensures that a machine cannot resume operation while people are still in the danger zone. The maintenance safeguarding system “key-in-pocket” is designed for machines with danger zones, which are protected by a safety fence and which employees need to access – robot cells for example.

In comparison with conventional lockout-tagout (LOTO) systems, maintenance safeguarding with the key-in-pocket solution is implemented via RFID keys with corresponding permissions and a safe list in the Pilz controllers. As a result, it provides purely electronic restart protection and makes mechanical interlocking devices and warning tags redundant.

To access the plant, the operator uses their personal transponder key on the PITreader on the safety gate to authenticate themself.

The user’s permission is verified and, once successfully authenticated, their security ID is stored in a safe list in the Pilz controller (PNOZmulti 2 or PSS 4000). For the plant to resume operation, everyone must have exited the plant, closed the safety gates and used their personal key to sign out via the PITreader. The security IDs are removed from the safe list in the controller. Once the list is empty, the machine is enabled. Where plants are large with no overall view, there is an additional “blind spot check” in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 5.2.2. This requires a visual inspection of the plant in areas that are difficult to see, before the machine can be restarted.

The machine can now be shut down, the safety gate opened and the machine accessed.

The employee keeps hold of the transponder (“key-in-pocket”). Additional operators can sign in using their personal key in the same way and thus access the plant. Different safety gates may also be used for access.

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