Checking for cracks

The modular safety relay myPNOZ

The crack testing machine is around thirty metres long, fifteen metres wide and up to seven metres high. It consists of several workspaces and process areas, with nine processing booths. That’s why safeguarding of all the infeed and access areas was at the centre of the safety concept. The components integrated into the safety concept are safety gate sensors PSENslock, to secure the position of the loading carts, and PSENmlock for safe monitoring and guard locking of 14 safety gates. Not every employee who has access to the machine needs to have all the operating, intervention and change options. The operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode fusion used by Rhode + Wagner enables machine operators such as MTU Aero Engines to have individual operating mode selection and access permission management. Also, it practically excludes operator errors, manipulation, hazards for the operator and damage to the plant.

Even the finest hairline cracks on engine components can lead to failures. That’s why components at MTU Aero Engines pass through an extensive crack testing facility provided by Rhode + Wagner Anlagenbau GmbH as part of their production process. Safety and Industrial Security play a central role, because operating, setup and service personnel must be able to access the plant using various permissions, dependent on their tasks. In order to meet these operating requirements, Rhode + Wagner integrated the tamper-proof safety solution PITmode fusion from Pilz. The modular operating mode selection and access permission system combines safety with individual configuration options.

Rhode + Wagner Anlagenbau GmbH manufactures crack testing machines in Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, east of Dresden. The company was founded in 2009, specialising in conception, planning, design and production to the customer’s exact specifications. This includes complete systems for surface coating and decoating, waste water treatment, water preparation and goods transport systems. With special, automated solutions in the aviation sector, the medium-sized enterprise from Saxony has been listed as a reliable partner for MTU Aero Engines AG, among others, for more than ten years.

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