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The camera is mounted on a slide, which crosses access to the understage area at high speed downstage. Previously, flashing lights had warned of the approaching slide camera. The idea was to optimise this concept, to increase the safety of the stage technicians and exclude manipulation. Today, the danger zone is secured by Pilz’s Type 3 light curtains PSENopt II with hand resolution. Should anyone reach or run into the first pair of light curtains while the camera is moving, the camera slide is stopped immediately. Only once the person has passed through the second light curtain is the zone reset automatically and the slide camera enabled. With this adaptation, the Ehrlich Brothers can happily concentrate on the dramatic composition of their show – for the perfect illusion.

The Ehrlich Brothers regularly captivate their audience with mesmerising illusions in their shows. The interaction between magic and technology must operate smoothly and safely in all processes without exception. Flexible Type 3 light curtains PSENopt II from Pilz direct the technology in the action area to ensure the moving camera at the edge of the stage is monitored safely.

The “Ehrlich Brothers” illusionists are part of Ehrlich Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG., which was founded in 2005. The company is based in Bünde near Bielefeld and organises the touring operation for the illusionists, ensuring their performances run smoothly.

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