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So when developing the case erector Tablomat LE a new, sustainable automation and safety concept was included. The requirement was for diagnostic data from the sensors to be available to the machine controller in real-time so that the plant operator can retain a complete overview of the machine status. There are four safety gates on the machine and each use the non-contact safety gate system PSENslock. It performs the safe position monitoring and process guarding. The safety controller PNOZmulti 2 monitors the safety gates and the installed E-STOP pushbutton and guarantees the exchange of diagnostic data via fieldbus module with the PLC. With this efficient solution, fast format changes and fast, simple adaptation of sensor and actuator technology can easily be implemented.

For over 43 years Wächter has planned, designed and constructed mainly special purpose machinery in the packaging technology sector with around 200 staff. The performance range also includes the conversion of existing machines and the retrofit of older machines. Wächter has made a name for itself in the food, beverages and flooring industry worldwide.

Wächter Packautomatik develops and builds customised packaging solutions. One of them is the powerful case erector Tablomat LE, which efficiently produces up to 30 boxes per minute. The electrosensitive safety gate sensor PSENslock and the safe controller PNOZmulti 2 from Pilz have made the operating concept more flexible and fast format changes can easily be implemented. Flexibility and efficiency are indispensable in the packaging industry, particularly in end-of-line processes.

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