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Three safety functions were to be reproduced on the inline measurement system– emergency stop, a safety gate required for setup and maintenance work, and a safety flap to prevent intervention in the upstream machine. In safety technology terms the safety solution also had to harmonise with the upstream and downstream production process. The safety solution was configured completely via the intuitive online tool myPNOZ Creator, which makes the configuration simple to create. The Pilz solution meets all the requirements. And also saves time: up to one hour per machine for each commissioning task, which otherwise would have to have been implemented on site, involving a great deal of programming and wiring, plus a subsequent I/O check to validate the entire system.

Micado is a supplier of automated solutions focusing on tailor-made, innovative customer applications. That’s why Macado used the new type of modular safety relay myPNOZ for the safety technology on a prototype inline measurement system – even before it was officially launched. It offered the right functionality for the safety concept on the inline measurement station, but also had another convincing feature: myPNOZ was delivered pre-configured and ready to install, so no programming work was needed for commissioning.

The East Tyrolean company Micado was founded in 1998 as an engineering office and now operates as a full service supplier for automated solutions for customers from the aviation, automotive, food and packaging industry. The Oberlienz-based company enjoys an excellent reputation beyond the Austrian border as a creative genius with convincing, tailor-made solutions.

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