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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Emphasizes the importance of holding responsible parties accountable for industrial accidents. Highlights the potential legal consequences for neglecting safety measures. Stresses the responsibility of company management, production managers, and maintenance managers in implementing and overseeing safety measures. Advocates for regular checks and evaluations of the effectiveness of safety measures to ensure they remain current and efficient.

Recommends selecting and training employees based on their specific tasks, underlining the role of education in preventing accidents. Suggests providing employees with the necessary tools to carry out their tasks safely, acknowledging the role of equipment in accident prevention. Highlights the importance of both organizational measures (training, task assignment) and technical solutions (access management with PITreader) in ensuring safety.

Specifies an example of a technical solution (PITreader) for managing access, assigning traceable, individual, and temporary permissions for specific machines or processes. Acknowledges the constant changes in standards and the need for adaptability to new requirements. Recognizes the increasing importance of safeguarding data and ensuring network security in the context of industrial safety. Advocates for a holistic safety concept that integrates both safety and security considerations.

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