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DF Electric is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of several key electrical components, including fuses (both cylindrical and NH), fuse-holders, and control transformers. These are typically used for protecting electrical circuits from overcurrent conditions. They come in various current ratings and are commonly found in industrial applications.

NH fuses are standardized fuses according to DIN (German Institute for Standardization). They are often used in electrical distribution systems and industrial installations to protect against overloads and short circuits. Fuse-holders are devices used to hold and provide a connection for fuses. They ensure safe and reliable installation of fuses within electrical circuits.

DF Electric likely offers a range of fuse-holders compatible with their cylindrical and NH fuses, catering to different installation requirements and current ratings. https://www.dfelectric.es/ Control transformers are used to provide power supply to control circuits in industrial automation and machinery. They step down voltage levels to the appropriate range needed for control devices and sensors.

These transformers are crucial in ensuring stable and reliable operation of control systems, protecting sensitive control components from voltage fluctuations. DF Electric’s specialization in these products indicates a focus on providing essential electrical protection and control solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Their offerings likely include a variety of specifications and configurations to meet diverse customer needs in terms of voltage ratings, current capacities, and installation requirements.

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