Digitisation in rail transport

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Your commitment to standardized interfaces and interoperability in control and safety technology is commendable, and it aligns well with industry trends toward open systems and collaboration. Emphasize the importance of standardized interfaces in the rail industry. Highlight how EULYNX’s commitment to this principle ensures that control and safety technology components are interchangeable, allowing for seamless integration and collaboration between different manufacturers. Clearly state your support for EULYNX and how your expertise in safety technology contributes to the organization’s goals. This could include participation in developing standards, providing insights, and actively working towards the realization of interoperable systems. Highlight the specific example of your ongoing research project, where the PSS 4000-R automation system’s controller is being tested as an object controller for a set of points. Clearly communicate the significance of this effort in terms of achieving interoperability between controllers from different manufacturers. Explain how your systems support the RaSTA (Railway Standardization) standard. Detail the benefits of adhering to this standard, such as enhanced communication capabilities, streamlined integration processes, and improved overall system performance. http://www.pilz.com

Share any key insights or preliminary findings from the research project. This could include successful communication between controllers from different manufacturers, challenges encountered and overcome, and the potential impact on the rail industry. Discuss the broader implications of your research project. How might the successful interconnectivity of controllers influence the future of rail technology? Addressing this can help stakeholders understand the long-term benefits of your efforts. http://www.pilz.com

Rail transport needs digitisation: to modernise outdated equipment, to increase capacity and reliability and for resource-friendly, pinpoint maintenance and repair. We can provide support with proven safety solutions for the requirements presented by digitisation of the railway industry. http://www.pilz.com

We are one of the trailblazers in the industrial digitisation offensive Industrie 4.0, and incorporate this experience into our solutions for railway automation. In standard applications such as level crossings and as replacement for obsolete relay technology, but also in completely new applications for which you still don’t have a solution.

Express your openness to collaboration with other industry players and manufacturers. Highlight how a collaborative approach benefits the entire rail ecosystem, fostering innovation and driving the industry towards more efficient and standardized practices. Consider offering demonstrations or proof-of-concept scenarios to showcase the practical application of your interoperability solutions. This could involve live tests, simulations, or case studies that demonstrate the successful integration of controllers from different manufacturers. Position your organization as a leader in driving interoperability initiatives within the rail industry. Showcase any past successes or achievements in this area, reinforcing your credibility and expertise. By effectively communicating these points, you can demonstrate your organization’s commitment to advancing interoperability in rail control and safety technology, fostering trust and collaboration within the industry. http://www.pilz.com

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