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This compact, slim, and lightweight encoder has a large through hollow shaft that fits diameters up to 45 mm / 1.77” and common motor sizes. Its operation is non contact and there are no components subject to wear and fatigue. The resolution is 23 bit singleturn (8,388,608 cpr) and 16 bit multiturn (65,536 rev.), the accuracy is ±0.010°. An additional incremental track offers 1,024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback and interpolation needs. http://www.lika.it

Lika Electronic offers a full line-up of rotary optical kit encoders for direct integration into motors, robots and advanced automation systems. The range ideally meets the most diverse needs, from small to large shaft drives. Kit encoders excel in compact size, low profile, minimum weight, easy installation. The optical technology allows them to achieve high resolution and fine accuracy for a very precise control over movements, rotations, and positioning. http://www.lika.it

AMM80 is a frameless and bearingless optical encoder, i.e. it is not equipped with shaft, bearings, flange, and housing. It is designed to have small footprint, very low profile, minimum weight, high resolution, and fine accuracy. It is ideally suited for direct integration into high performance and space critical applications such as robots, robotic joints, hollow shaft motors (direct drive torque motors, brushless motors, stepper motors), electromedical devices, and a variety of OEM motion control applications. It is also engineered in an extensive choice of mechanical and electrical options and can be customized to meet individual requirements.

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