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Companies that comply with worldwide safety norms and standards are successful on the global market. You too can increase your export and sales opportunities with globally operating companies, who would otherwise purchase machines from their domestic markets. All you need to do is comply with and implement all the necessary safety-related directives.

We provide support through our locally-based contacts. Our experts offer in-depth knowledge of standards, directives and laws, at both local and worldwide level. What’s more, rapid support for customers is our number one priority. Our locally-held stock guarantees short delivery times. A wide-ranging training programme for your staff completes our offering. We are in your local area, with a total of 42 subsidiaries and branches on all continents. http://www.pilz.com

In many countries throughout the world, compliance with safety standards is prescribed by law. In European markets, a CE mark is required when plant and machinery is placed on the market, for example. To achieve this mark, the incorporated devices must meet European directives and standards.

It’s not easy to navigate the jungle of international standards and directives. Safety-related directives and standards are complex and are updated regularly. What’s more, the technologies that are used continue to develop rapidly. 

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