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The CGM rotary indexing table is a servo-driven, modular and flexible fully automatic machine. A driven axis is responsible for the movement of the rotary table as well as the vertical and horizontal stroke. The motion control system PMCprimo DriveP specifies the movements and is responsible for the whole motion and safety management of the servo axes, along with three safety cards PMCprotego S for motion monitoring. Today the new solution enables up to 72 cycles per minute, in contrast to the previous 50. It’s also more flexible: to change product, the operator simply selects another program with the required curve profile and in no time the plant is available for another task. Additional benefit: in the event of an emergency stop the drive axes always retain their mechanical cohesion, i.e. the axes always operate synchronously and production can restart without delay.

To overhaul its servo-driven rotary indexing table, the Compact Basic Machine (CGM) that produces filigree mechanics, PIA Automation wanted a solution that not only monitored the movements safely but at the same time enabled higher cycle counts. The rotary indexing tables now run more safely, more efficiently and with greater flexibility with the drive solution from Pilz. http://www.pilz.com

With around 1,700 employees, PIA Automation is a system supplier offering automation solutions for assembling small and very small parts through to large components for the automotive, consumer goods and medical technology industry. Products range from manual assembly workstations through to fully automated production plants for many industries and a variety of application areas.

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