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A safety relay’s primary task is to monitor a safety system and either enable or disable that system, and then to provide a safe and reliable response if and when a dangerous (unwanted) condition occurs. Safety relays are simple devices designed to perform an equivalent function to an electromechanical relay, on a much larger scale. Safety relays have forced guided contacts. This means when the relay is de-energized, it is physically impossible for the NO and NC contacts to change state. In an electromechanical relay, the coil is not related to the contacts. If the coil were to become de-energized for any reason, then the state of the contacts would change. Therefore, the system would not be failsafe. How does a pilz safety relay work Indonesia

The PNOZ range of safety relays from PILZ is used in many applications and in various fields like mechanical engineering, automotive industry, presses, and packaging. Safety relays in this range are universal and can be used in many applications. This is beneficial because spares holding can be kept to a minimum. All the PNOZ safety relays are equipped with approved contacts for the safe opening of a safety circuit. It is very important that in the event of a relay failure, power failure, or an emergency situation, the safety relay must turn off a machine or a system. All safety relays have a built-in self-test OT (manual test) and/or a connection for an external test device. This test checks the correct functioning of the safety function and the contacts. Because safety relays are used in emergency situations, it is essential to know that they will operate correctly. OT manual tests are recommended to be used at regular intervals to increase the diagnostic coverage. All PNOZ relays are very easy to use and can be installed into any safety circuit quickly. A large benefit is the reduction of wiring time. How does a pilz safety relay work Indonesia

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