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The communication modules PSSuniversal and PSSuniversal 2 seem integral for decentralized networking and transferring both safety-related and non-safety-related signals at the field level in industrial setups. With PSSuniversal, the flexibility to connect up to 64 I/O modules opens up a wide range of application possibilities, enabling tailored solutions to various industrial needs. http://www.pilz.com

Additionally, the ability to connect these communication modules to PLC controllers like PSSuniversal or other higher-level controllers enhances interoperability and scalability, ensuring seamless integration within existing systems or setups. This level of connectivity and adaptability is crucial for modern industrial automation solutions.

Upgrading from the first generation to PSSuniversal 2 seems like a significant step forward, especially with enhancements in mechanics, handling, and diagnostics. These improvements likely contribute to increased efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, which are crucial factors in industrial settings. Overall, it’s exciting to see continued innovation in this field, building upon proven technologies to create even more robust and versatile solutions.

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