I/O systems PSSuniversal

The best rechner sensors in Indonesia

The communication modules PSSuniversal and PSSuniversal 2 are used for decentralised networking and for transferring safety-related and non-safety-related signals at field level. Using PSSuniversal, a wide range of applications can be implemented by connecting up to 64 I/O modules. You can connect the communication modules to the PLC controllers PSSuniversal or other higher level controllers. http://www.pilz.com

Alongside the proven technology of the first generation I/O systems PSSuniversal with head modules and corresponding I/O modules, the remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2 is continuing the success story. Improvements to mechanics, handling and diagnostics show the way to the new universal generation.

With the modules PSS67 I/O and PDP67 with protection type IP67, Pilz offers solutions for applications decentrally and directly in the field. You can install the modules directly on the machine. This optimises the work involved in programming and wiring. The module electronics are fully encapsulated. As such they are dust-tight and protected against temporary immersion. They save time, money and space in the control cabinet. http://www.pilz.com

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