International compliance

Monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers

Machinery that is imported into the USA and/or put into service there is subject to complex specifications that may vary depending on the state or region. Compliance with the testing standards of OSHA or UL is a mandatory requirement for market approval, for example. This applies to new, used and modified or expanded machinery.

So anyone who sells machinery into the USA as a manufacturer must ensure that all specifications are already met in the design phase. This will ensure a smooth process for obtaining an operating permit at the machine’s point of use.

Operators of machinery in the USA are in turn obliged to ensure that work on the machinery is safe. This includes creating a LoTo system, among other things.

From one source we can provide all the necessary documents that you require to have your machine certified by local authorities to achieve US compliance.

As early as your machine’s design phase we will advise you by assessing the design, particularly with regard to the special US electrical requirements. Then we will perform all the required measures, from the risk assessment and LoTo system to the validation report for US compliance. If necessary, you can also leave the coordination with the local authorities to us.

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