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A mounting position had changed, suddenly rendering the existing safety concept for the horizontal animal feed mixer ineffective and potentially preventing the plant being delivered on time. Herbst worked closely with Pilz to develop an alternative, which would safeguard the flaps on the stirrer: an appropriate solution was quickly found with the safety gate system PSENmlock, which combines safe guard locking and safe interlocking in one device.
The flexibly mounted mechanical actuator on this safety gate system ensures a high tolerance compensation, even with sagging gates. What’s more, the closing tolerance of the secure safety gate system was increased by another 10 millimetres over a mechanical system. So now there is no longer an injury risk from an overrunning stirrer, should the service and cleaning flaps be opened too early. The horizontal mixer arrived at the customer just in time.

Some fundamental framework conditions had changed shortly before the delivery date, so the safety concept for a horizontal mixer had to be adapted as quickly as possible. Within a few days, Pilz worked with special purpose machinery manufacturer Herbst to incorporate the safety gate system PSENmlock, which meets the new requirements.

Herbst Maschinentechnik GmbH supplies machinery and solutions in the fields of stirring and mixing technology, custom and special purpose machinery, process-controlled machinery, plant construction, handling and discharging technology and sheet metal processing.
With 30 staff, Herbst manufactures systems to customers’ specifications and provides its own test facility for trial purposes.

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