Monitor safety functions with PNOZ X

Mechanical safety locking device PSENmech - Pilz

The PNOZ X relays are designed to monitor various safety functions, including safety gates, emergency stop (E-STOP) buttons, light barriers, light curtains, and limit switches. These relays play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of machinery and processes by monitoring specific safety-related parameters and initiating appropriate actions in case of any deviations from the expected conditions. PNOZ X relays can monitor the status of safety gates, ensuring that they are closed and locked before allowing the machine to operate. PNOZ X relays can monitor the state of E-STOP buttons and ensure that they function properly to stop the machinery when needed. Light barriers and curtains use beams of light to detect the presence or absence of objects in a specified area. PNOZ X relays can monitor the signals from these devices, ensuring that the machine stops or goes into a safe state if the light barrier is breached.

Limit switches are used to detect the position of moving parts or objects in a machine. PNOZ X relays can monitor the signals from limit switches, ensuring that the machine operates within its defined limits. In essence, the PNOZ X series provides a reliable and fail-safe solution for implementing safety functions in industrial environments. The relays are designed to meet safety standards and regulations, providing a high level of protection for both machinery and operators. It’s important to note that the specific model of PNOZ X relay and its configuration will depend on the requirements of the particular application and the safety standards applicable to the industry. Always refer to the product documentation and relevant safety standards when implementing safety systems. Distributor Pilz Indonesia

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