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The PNOZ X series from Pilz is indeed a range of safety relays commonly used for monitoring safety gates, emergency stop buttons (E-STOP), light barriers, light curtains, and limit switches. These safety relays are designed to ensure the safe functioning of machinery and equipment by monitoring safety-related inputs and initiating a safe shutdown or control response if any unsafe conditions are detected. If you are looking to purchase safety relays, I recommend contacting authorized distributors or suppliers of Pilz products. You can find these products through industrial automation suppliers, electrical component distributors, or directly through Pilz’s official channels.

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to understand your specific safety requirements and choose the appropriate model from the PNOZ X series based on factors such as the type of safety devices you are connecting, the required safety functions, and the overall safety system architecture. Always ensure that you follow local safety regulations and standards when implementing safety solutions in industrial settings. If you have specific technical questions or need assistance in choosing the right safety relay for your application, you may want to reach out to Pilz or their authorized representatives for expert advice.

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