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Security gaps in software cannot be 100 % prevented. Therefore, it is important to inform users and administrators about these gaps in time so that they can take countermeasures before damage occurs. To make this work it is important to establish an appropriate management system, including a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) in the company.

The security experts in Pilz’s PSIRT analyse, assess and manage potential security weaknesses and security incidents relating to Pilz products and solutions. When a weakness is confirmed, Pilz publishes its PSIRT Security Advisories with notes on how to remedy this weakness.

We want to encourage security experts, independent researchers, customers and other parties to report any security problems in our products and solutions to us. This is the only way we can jointly discuss further activities, coordinate them and improve the security of our products and solutions. To prevent danger to our customers and uninvolved third parties, we ask for coordinated publication of weaknesses and inclusion of our PSIRT.

The security specialists from the Pilz PSIRT manage and assess all reports of potential security weaknesses in Pilz products. If you have any questions about security regarding our products or infrastructure, or if you want to report any security gaps, please contact our PSIRT security experts. Please notify the PSIRT in German or English. Typically you can expect an initial reaction within two working days (CET).

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