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The Bombardier mainline locomotive equipped with the radio remote control system LocControl100 from Schweizer Electronic can split or assemble freight trains without a driver. The shunter uses a hand-held terminal to move the locomotive forwards and backwards, brake and accelerate from a distance of up to 1,000 m away. Schweizer Electronic, responsible for control system, programming, validation and documentation had to clarify, among other things, how the additional performance and safety features could be implemented best in electronic and control technology terms.

The railway technology specialist Schweizer Electronic AG offers innovative solutions to safeguard construction sites, level crossings, and radio remote control systems for locomotives. For the remote control of a freight train locomotive from Bombardier the automation system PSS 4000-R(ail), acts as an interface between receiver and locomotive control system, checking the signals for feasibility and consistency, and ensuring the required safety in accordance with SIL3.

Schweizer Electronic has its headquarters in Reiden/CH. With its competency and expertise it has made a name for itself on the tracks over the years, both in Europe and further afield. With its 150 employees the company focuses on innovative solutions for safeguarding construction sites, level crossings, and radio remote control systems for freight locomotives.

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