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Pilz is a leading innovative automation technology company. As experts in the safety of humans, machines, and the environment, Pilz, with its integrated solutions for automation technology, is more than a match for the security demand. A broad and complete portfolio and its expertise in solutions make the company employable. With the products from systems implemented by Pilz, the development of software, tools, and training services, Pilz carries its part all over the world to provide customers with assurance of automation technology and risk-free security for the future.

To optimize performance in automation applications, characteristics of functional safety defined and conformed to by internationally recognized certification organizations must be observed. In the manufacturing of installations that adhere to the directives, the internal organization and all other involved areas are called into action. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays myPNOZ, safety sensors PSENscan, Emergency stop, PLC, Speed monitoring, swicthes and more.

For the purpose of conforming to the norm for systems in safety applications, Therefore, the typical topology of a safety system in applications of medium/small complexity provides that safety sensors, safety interlocks, and safety modules with safe channels should be filtered and grouped in an optimal way through suitable interfaces.

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