myPNOZ : Modular safety relays

myPNOZ Creator and myPNOZ modules

The myPNOZ system supports a wide range of safety functions, including emergency stop, guard door monitoring, two-hand control, light curtains, safety mats, and more. Users can select the appropriate modules and configure them to implement specific safety functions based on their application requirements.

The myPNOZ system consists of individual modules that can be combined and configured to create customized safety relay solutions. These modules include input modules, output modules, logic modules, communication modules, and accessories. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

With its modular design, the myPNOZ system offers flexibility and scalability, allowing users to easily expand or modify their safety relay configurations as needed. Additional modules can be added or replaced without the need for extensive rewiring or reprogramming. Safety solutions in Indonesia

The myPNOZ modular safety relay system is designed and certified according to relevant international safety standards, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and requirements. The myPNOZ system provides diagnostic and monitoring features to help users identify and address safety-related issues promptly. These features may include status indicators, diagnostic LEDs, and communication interfaces for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

The myPNOZ system can be seamlessly integrated with other automation systems and control devices, enabling comprehensive safety solutions for industrial machinery and equipment.

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