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The PNOZ relay has a wide range of safety relays from one module to devices that have both input and output relays in the one housing. Available monitoring relays that can be used in safety systems are safety gate, light barriers, emergency stop, safety mat, two hand control, and safety edge. All of these relays are to prevent or reduce the risk of injury. myPNOZ for monitoring safety function such as safety gate, safety switches, light curtains, emergency stop and more.

The PNOZ relay has a self-checking circuit, which is vital in a safety system and is also a requirement of AS-4024.1501. This provides an immediate output to the safety devices in the event of an error in the safety relay itself. The error will be stored in the self-checking circuit, and the PNOZ will not be able to be reset until the fault is corrected.

The reset is the only manual operation that the relay will perform, providing automatic monitoring of all connected safety devices. This is a common requirement in safety systems to prevent startups after a dangerous situation has been detected. Automatic monitoring is achieved by the e-stop, detection of faults on two hand controls, and monitoring the cross-fault resistance of safety devices.

Getting a safety relay that is both economical and high quality can be tough to find. After looking at several relays, the Pilz PNOZ was what we decided to use, and its design follows the requirements detailed in Australian standard AS-4024.1501-2006 for a control system. The purpose of the PNOZ relay is to provide a safe working environment for operators, and it does this by using appropriate circuitry to monitor e-stop pushbuttons, safety gates, light curtains, two hand controls, and the output of safety and standard relays used in safety devices. For Indonesia market please contact us at PT. Felcro Indonesia

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