myPNOZ – the new, modular safety relay

Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Head module for the modular safety relay myPNOZ, communication with expansion modules, supply voltage for myPNOZ. Provide a robust bus interface that allows for reliable data exchange between the head module and connected expansion modules. Include multiple modular expansion ports on the head module to accommodate a variety of expansion modules. This ensures flexibility in configuring the safety relay based on specific application requirements. Ensure that expansion modules can be hot-swapped without affecting the functionality of the head module, allowing for easy maintenance and upgrades.

Design the head module to support diverse safety functions and configurations, allowing users to tailor the safety system to their specific needs. Provide sufficient power supply capacity on the head module to support the connected expansion modules. This ensures that the entire system can operate reliably without voltage-related issues. Implement diagnostic features that enable the head module to communicate status and diagnostic information with expansion modules. This can aid in troubleshooting and identifying issues quickly. Specify a suitable supply voltage range for the head module, ensuring compatibility with common industrial power systems. This information should be clearly documented for users during installation.

Integrate a user-friendly interface on the head module for local configuration and monitoring. This interface could include an LCD screen, navigation buttons, or a touchscreen for ease of use. Consider redundancy options for critical components within the head module to enhance system reliability. Redundancy can help maintain safety functions in the event of a component failure. Ensure that the head module complies with electromagnetic compatibility standards to minimize interference and ensure reliable communication in industrial environments.

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