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With its base units PNOZ m0 and PNOZ mm0p, as well as the corresponding expansion modules, the configurable control systems from the electronic monitoring specialist Pilz GmbH & Co. KG – now also for the small range – are used for controlling the security functions that are now essential in mechanical engineering and factory automation. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer Pilz safety relays PNOZmulti, safety sensor PSENcode, Emergency stop, PLC, Two hand control, speed monitoring, swicthes and more

The control systems PNOZ m0 and PNOZ mm0p offer various inputs and outputs, switches, reports, control contacts, and operating modes from the device. They are delivered with pre-licensed function keys for safety-related bus and control functions and can easily be expanded with expansion modules for controlling all kinds of security functions (e.g. reset button, door error box, emergency stop pushbutton). Default settings and function blocks facilitate implementation in the most common applications.

After many years of experience in industrial automation, through the production and distribution of safety relays, Pilz GmbH, through its subsidiary in France, has recently expanded its electrical and mechatronics competence among its well-known range of products and solutions. The objective of the enclosing projects is to demonstrate the modularity of safety applications and the variety of field choices, which are the hallmarks of the Pilz PNOZmulti digital configurable safety relay.

It is also an opportunity to work with local universities (Electrical Engineering, Control and Computer Science departments), as well as with French engineering support, to create a set of projects that illustrate the performance of the Pilz PNOZmulti. It aims to simplify and standardize the production and maintenance of robotized machinery in an attempt to improve safety for the final user. The average time necessary to produce a series of equivalent electromechanical safety relays was pointed out, and the results showed a significant difference when compared to what could be achieved with the PNOZmulti.

Thus, the reduced time for engineering, manufacturing, installation, and operational tests could give the machinery industry increased control using a fabric warranty that showed the PNOZmulti’s support for diverse field components and communication protocols.

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