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Pilz Automation Safety is a provider of automation in the safety environment. The company’s objective is to offer their customers automation by increasing the safety for all your employees and company assets. The products and services offered by Pilz will aid in meeting legislation and standard requirements in the building of safety-related control systems. These products and services are developed based on the experience and knowledge about automation in the safety environment that has been accumulated by Pilz for over 50 years. The company strives to help with creating the optimal safety for an affordable price. The services and information provided by Pilz are deemed very reliable and dependable. Thousands of companies worldwide have chosen Pilz as their solution in increasing safety and the number increases daily. This, in turn, gives Pilz the ability to offer you the best quality products and services at the best price. Pilz also has a full scale of safety automation for many factory machines. From safety relays all the way to robotic cell safety control systems, Pilz has the solution. With information provided by various different resources, and often no-cost phone and email support, Pilz can offer practical and useful advice for your specific automation in the safety environment. http://www.pilz.com

A study case of an accident that happened in one of the oil companies is able to demonstrate how the Pilz automation safety application can be applied. The accident occurred on the production machine while trying to fix the piston cylinder in a fast process, which ultimately hurt the operator and caused the operator’s death. By applying the Pilz safety automation to the same machine, the similar process can be done, but the piston cylinder can be safely fixed. When the tool tries to fix the piston cylinder with a fast process, the cylinder is held by some device to prevent undesirable movement, and the automated gate is closed for operator safety. When the operator needs to release the cylinder, the same process of closing the gate is done, and the operator releases the cylinder outside of the dangerous area. In conclusion, the application of Pilz safety automation really prevented the similar incident from happening and it also maintains the machine process with high safety status. http://www.pilz.com

Based on the research that we have done, we found that Pilz automation safety is very helpful in integrating the technology of the production machine and the safety for the operator. As we all know, Indonesia is a developing country that has a strategic purpose to develop the industrial side. With the high number of industrial accidents (in the years 2005 – 479 cases and 2006 – 1488 cases), it is necessary to consider decreasing the number of accidents while maintaining the strategic production goals. The step-by-step migration to the application of automation in Indonesia makes this safety system very suitable to be implemented.

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