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Pilz Automation Safety L.P. is a part of the worldwide Pilz Group, founded in 1948. The goal of the company is to provide high-quality, innovative safety automation solutions. They also want to educate their customers by providing resources to help them understand safety standards and how to best implement safe automation. They strive to become a valuable ecosystem partner for their customers all the way to the end of the safety lifecycle. Pilz’s mission is to give their customers the ability to achieve the highest level of safety for their employees while ensuring global business continuity through easy to implement automation safety solutions. With extensive experience in many sectors such as automotive, food & beverage, rail, machinery, pharmaceutical industries and more, Pilz has a strong foundation in the U.S. market and globally. Today, Pilz has over 200 employees in the United States. Their commitment to both product and service quality is unmatched in the safety automation industry. They offer many on-site services from training to installation, helping with safety and automation on both a local and global scale. Pilz automation safety l.p in Indonesia http://www.pilz.com

Pilz prides itself on its customer-oriented, ground-breaking solutions to the safety of automation machinery. Offering a comprehensive range of innovative components and complete solutions including consultancy, engineering and training, Pilz has built its name and reputation on quality. Not confined to safety products, Pilz also offers standard automation products and a range of control and sensor technologies offering cutting edge technology and cost effective, efficient solutions to all industries. Pilz automation safety l.p in Indonesia http://www.pilz.com

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