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PSS 4000 Automation System is new automation technology based on internet and ASi configuration framework. This technology gives a response to different automation requirements – easier or more sophistication, smaller or larger systems. http://www.pilz.com

The article is a non-attachment technical support manual of PSS 4000 Automation System. If you will have a question about “don’t know which document read for uncertain event or know which command put in uncertain address and port command of DI/DO Gateway”, there is a nice suggestion: contact PSS 4000 tech support email address.

Thanks to the modular design of both hardware and software, this automation system can be used to implement partial and complete solutions for machinery up to complex, networked plants with distributed intelligence. PSS 4000 brings the entire added value of modern automation solutions to your company.

These include, among other things: transparency and rapid diagnostics during plant operation due to visualization and diagnostics, the available library, structured project planning according to EN/IEC 61131-3, the TÜV-certified F-safe software module for the implementation of the safe PLC functions and the modern Ethernet-based real-time communication which is optimized for automation, making it possible to do without separate safety bus systems. http://www.pilz.com

PSS 4000 – the unique automation system from Pilz – is an open, compatible and complete solution which will provide global support for users, regardless of the respective plant size, to cover all requirements of the automation solution. In addition to the resulting flexibility in the planning, installation and operation of the plants, PSS 4000 offers a future-proof investment for the long service life of the plants.

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