Pilz machinery safety

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At the outset, Pilz emphasizes conducting a thorough risk assessment for the machinery. This involves identifying potential hazards and assessing their severity and likelihood. Based on this assessment, safety measures are determined.

Pilz incorporates safety features into the design phase of machinery. This includes selecting appropriate safety components such as safety sensors, controllers, and actuators. They ensure that safety functions are integrated seamlessly into the overall machine design. http://www.pilz.com

Before a machine is put into operation, Pilz conducts extensive validation and testing of safety functions. This ensures that all safety measures are functioning correctly and effectively mitigate identified risks. Pilz provides guidance and support during the installation and commissioning phase to ensure that safety components are installed correctly and configured properly.

This includes training for operators and maintenance personnel on how to use and maintain safety systems.If modifications or upgrades are made to the machinery, Pilz advises on how these changes may impact safety and what adjustments are necessary to maintain safe operation. http://www.pilz.com

Finally, Pilz provides guidance on safely decommissioning machinery at the end of its lifecycle. This may involve ensuring that safety systems are properly disabled and machinery is disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.

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