PILZ PITestop Emergency Stop Pushbutton Control & Signal

PT. Felcro Indonesia

Safe E-STOP pushbuttons are critical components of safety systems in industrial environments, providing a rapid means to halt machinery in emergencies to protect personnel, prevent damage, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Their design and implementation should align with safety standards and best practices to effectively mitigate risks and maintain a safe working environment.

When pressed, an E-STOP pushbutton must immediately initiate a stop function, halting all machinery or equipment operation to prevent further movement or processing. They should be easily visible and accessible to operators, typically with a distinctive design and color (often red) to ensure they can be quickly located and activated in emergencies.

E-STOP pushbuttons often have a latching mechanism to ensure they remain in the activated (stopped) position until manually reset, preventing accidental reactivation of machinery. They are designed for high mechanical reliability to ensure they function properly when needed, even in harsh industrial environments. E-STOP pushbuttons must comply with relevant safety standards such as EN ISO 13850 and EN ISO 60204-1 to ensure they meet minimum safety requirements for emergency stopping functions.

They are integrated into broader safety systems, which may include safety relays or safety PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), to ensure reliable operation and adherence to safety protocols. Typically, E-STOP pushbuttons require a deliberate action to reset (such as turning or pulling), preventing inadvertent restarts and ensuring that operators assess and address the reason for the emergency stop before resuming operation.

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