PILZ PNOZ X Safety Relays AC/DC Dual Channel

PT. Felcro Indonesia

The PNOZ X series safety relays manufactured by Pilz are versatile devices designed to monitor and control various safety functions in industrial automation. PNOZ X relays can monitor emergency stop circuits to ensure immediate shutdown of machinery or equipment in case of emergency. They detect emergency stop signals from mushroom-headed push buttons or other types of emergency stop devices.

These relays can monitor safety gates and ensure that machinery operates only when the gate is securely closed. They typically use feedback from interlock switches to verify the status of the safety gate. PNOZ X relays are capable of monitoring light barriers, light grids, and light curtains, which are used for perimeter guarding and intrusion detection in hazardous areas. They evaluate signals from these devices to ensure that personnel or objects do not enter dangerous zones while machinery is in operation.

In addition to the mentioned functions, PNOZ X relays can be configured to monitor and control other safety-related devices and functions, such as two-hand control devices, safety mats, and muting functions for light curtains. PNOZ X relays are available in various configurations to accommodate different numbers of inputs and outputs, allowing for flexibility in designing safety circuits.

They provide diagnostic feedback via LEDs or communication interfaces, indicating the status of safety inputs and outputs for easier troubleshooting and maintenance. Designed to comply with international safety standards such as EN ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, ensuring they meet required safety integrity levels (SIL) or performance levels (PL).

PNOZ X relays can interface with higher-level control systems (such as PLCs) through standard communication protocols, enabling seamless integration into overall machine control architectures. The PNOZ X series safety relays are robust devices that play a critical role in ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in industrial environments by monitoring and controlling various safety functions effectively.

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