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The PSEN scan safety laser scanner is used to safeguard hazardous areas and protect personnel by means of monitoring and safely stopping/switching off the hazardous movement. It combines maximum performance and optimum productivity with intelligent functionality.

The scanner is the PROFINET/PROFIsafe enabled version of the PSEN scan and as such can be integrated easily and efficiently into a machinery or plant control system. The PSEN scan safety laser scanner is the first of its type to have safe, productive and fieldbus communications all in one device. With its free programming software, the scanner can easily be programmed to achieve any desired monitoring task. safety solution provider in Indonesia since 2011.

This PSEN scan safety laser scanner is the master in versatility. Measuring just 105mm in height, 3m in length and 155mm in depth, the compact unit with its low overall weight of less than 2kg can be rapidly and flexibly installed on almost any kind of machine with no substantial load on the machine (e.g. on a pillar).

The ability to easily program and simulate configurations prior to installation using the free PSEN scan configuration software will give you an accurate idea on how best to tailor monitoring tasks to the machine or plant layout. Whether the task involves vertical, horizontal, diagonal or complex contours on one or two reflector contours, the scanner will adapt to achieve the task with conjuntion with safety relays PNOZsigma

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