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The PSENrope provides maximum safety precisely when it matters most: during emergency stop (E-STOP) situations. This device is designed to quickly and reliably halt machinery and conveyor systems in the event of an emergency, ensuring the safety of personnel and preventing potential accidents or injuries.

The rope pull switch ensures immediate activation of the emergency stop function when the rope is pulled, providing a rapid response to potential hazards. Built to withstand industrial environments, the PSENrope is durable and dependable, capable of enduring harsh conditions while maintaining functionality.

Meeting standards such as EN 60947-5-100 up to category 4 ensures that the PSENrope adheres to rigorous safety requirements, offering peace of mind regarding its performance and reliability. Available in different configurations, including various rope lengths (up to 30 meters), the PSENrope can be tailored to fit different applications and distances within industrial settings.

PSENrope is a critical safety component that helps companies comply with safety regulations and protect their workforce by providing a robust emergency stop solution that operates effectively in critical situations. The PSENrope operates by allowing manual activation to switch off functional processes in industrial settings. This is achieved through its rope pull mechanism, which involves a rope connected to the switch. When someone pulls the rope, it triggers the emergency stop (E-STOP) function, halting the machinery or conveyor system.

The PSENrope is equipped with a long rope that spans the distance along the conveyor or machinery it is protecting. This rope is easily accessible to operators along the entire length of its coverage. In the event of an emergency or whenever there is a need to stop the machinery quickly, an operator can simply grasp the rope and pull it. This action activates the emergency stop function of the PSENrope.

Upon pulling the rope, the PSENrope sends a signal to the machinery’s control system to immediately stop all functional processes. This rapid shutdown helps prevent accidents, protect personnel, and safeguard equipment. After the emergency situation has been resolved, the PSENrope can be reset according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare the machinery for safe restart. This typically involves manually resetting the switch and ensuring that all safety conditions are met before resuming operations. http://www.pilz.com

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