Pilz PSENscan | Safety Laser Scanner

PSENscan - Safety Laser Scanner

The safety laser scanner PSENscan provides comprehensive two-dimensional area monitoring with an impressive opening angle of 275 degrees. With a protected field range extending up to 5.5 meters, it ensures robust and reliable safety coverage for your application. This wide coverage and range make it suitable for a variety of industrial settings where precise and efficient area monitoring is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. http://www.pilz.com

Using the PSENscan Configurator indeed streamlines the process of configuring key parameters for the operation of your safety laser scanner PSENscan. It offers a user-friendly interface on your PC, allowing you to adjust settings efficiently and effectively.

Whether it’s fine-tuning scanning ranges, configuring warning zones, or setting up response times, the Configurator simplifies the task, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your application. Safety solutions provider since 2011

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