PILZ PSENslock safety locking devices

PNOZsigma - PT. Felcro Indonesia

The PSENslock is a safety gate system developed by Pilz, designed to ensure safe access to machinery and equipment by monitoring the position of safety guards, such as doors and gates. PSENslock combines safety gate monitoring (position and locking status) with a non-contact safety switch and an actuator. It ensures that machinery and equipment cannot operate until the safety gate is securely closed and locked.

PSENslock monitors the position of the safety gate (open or closed) and the locking status (locked or unlocked). It prevents machinery from operating if the safety gate is not properly closed and locked, ensuring operator safety. Connect the output of the PSENslock safety switch (which indicates the gate position) to an input terminal of the PNOZ m B0. This allows the PNOZ m B0 to monitor whether the safety gate is open or closed.

Connect the output that indicates the locking status of the PSENslock (locked or unlocked) to another input terminal of the PNOZ m B0. This informs the PNOZ m B0 whether the gate is properly secured. Use the outputs of the PNOZ m B0 to control safety-related devices such as relays or contactors that interface with machinery control circuits.

Configure the PNOZ m B0 according to the specific safety requirements of your application. This includes setting parameters such as response times, reset modes, and logic functions to ensure safe operation. Integration of PSENslock with PNOZ m B0 enhances safety by ensuring that machinery cannot operate unless safety gates are securely closed and locked. Ensures compliance with relevant safety standards (such as EN ISO 13849) for machinery safety.

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