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The PSS 4000 system is a safety control system developed by Pilz, a company specializing in automation technology. It is designed for safety-related applications and provides comprehensive solutions for machine safety. The PSS 4000 system typically includes various components such as controllers, input/output modules, safety relays, and software tools. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer pilz safety relays mypnoz, pssuniversal, safety sensor and switches.

The PSSuniversal hardware modules are crucial for expanding the I/O capabilities of the PSS 4000 system and distributing safety signals throughout a machine or a plant. http://www.pilz.com They are selected and configured using tools like the PSSuniversal Assistant, which simplifies integration and ensures compliance with safety standards.

Within the PSS 4000 system, the PSSuniversal hardware refers to the decentralized I/O modules that connect to the central safety controller (PSSuniversal PLC or PSSuniversal multi). These modules handle inputs from safety devices (like emergency stop buttons, light curtains, etc.) and control outputs to safety actuators (such as safety relays or safety-rated drives). The leading distributor pilz in Indonesia markets.

The PSSuniversal Assistant is a tool specifically used for selecting modules and configuring the decentralized I/O system PSSuniversal. It helps users to choose the appropriate modules based on their application needs and then assists in configuring these modules to work together within the PSSuniversal system. This software simplifies the setup process and ensures that the I/O system is configured correctly for the specific automation tasks it will be used for.

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