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Today, automation with or without safety technology can no longer be thought of without relays, contactors, or other load switching devices. Without fuses, the protection against electrical faults is practically inconceivable. The effects are present in the media because the most diverse auxiliary means and measures are taken, with the aim of making these functions secure. The function of force and pressure control, as well as the prevention of unintentional machine start-up, are also becoming increasingly important. Application-related norms and regulations should not allow a functioning safety policy. http://www.pilz.com

Safe Automation Technology made by Pilz is the integration of safe technology, hence intelligent components, control, and diagnosis options. The Pilz modular safety system covers all components from safe control technology to sensor and operator technology, network technology, drive technology, visualization technology, and professional software tools for engineering. All these components can be used and integrated into a comprehensive automation solution. The modular safety system discussed is suitable for a wide and versatile range of applications. For example, limit stop control in the packaging segment, complex safety control tasks up to performance level e with the corresponding industrial image processing sensors, or safety applications in machines, service, and handling systems.

Pilz combines almost seven decades of experience in automation technology with practical safety, together with the associated standards and directives. That’s why our product portfolio has the right technology and products for your specific automation task – from sensor technology to drives, from control and monitoring systems right up to drive technology. Many Pilz components include safety functions in standard devices. As a result, Pilz covers a large part of the necessary safety technology in a machine or system.

At Pilz, you will find not only the right component for every application but also the right solution for your sector. Pilz will help you to take safety into account throughout the entire lifecycle of your machines and systems – from planning right up to decommissioning. Safe automation generates added value! Solutions from Pilz make your machines more productive and more flexible at the same time. We provide standard components that meet the requirements of safety-related control systems in the industrial environment. All of these products are used in numerous sectors in which critical automation solutions with stringent safety requirements are carried out.

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