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Machine safety should be customary and can be achieved through design, rather than relying on the attention or behavior of individuals. This requires orderly and systematic knowledge of the factors that can affect safety and how to solve problems. However, many argue that accidents are difficult to predict and can still occur even after removing all hazardous factors and conditions. Therefore, safety is an ongoing task. The more we prioritize it, the more we can prevent people from getting injured. http://www.pilz.com

Safety in automation covers a wide range of issues. One example is how to prevent accidents from occurring on machines during operation and maintenance. There have been many cases where machine operators have been injured due to unexpected movements of the machines. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are an estimated 270 million accidents leading to injuries every year, in addition to the standard fatal accidents on the job. There are also more than 160 million new cases of work-related diseases annually, with an estimated 1.7 million people being victims of work-related diseases. This means that every day, approximately 7,600 people die due to accidents and work-related diseases. These numbers are the basic reason why safety and health in the workplace are important. http://www.pilz.de

Setting a new milestone in its commitment to bring safety to the automation industry, Pilz Indonesia held a seminar titled “Pilz Safety Automation” on October 13, 2010, in Jakarta. The seminar was successfully attended by more than 80 participants from various industry sectors. Several related government institutions and industry media also provided strong support for the event.

Use of a Safety PLC is more effective as an integral component of Control Systems. By using a PLC Safety, this will facilitate the setting and implementation of the program. In addition, this safety system is more easily understood and tested based on desired functionality. Pilz as a company engaged in safety systems brings SafetyBUS p safe (IBS IP) as a solution in the data transfer safety systems. A method that is simple and very easy because it only requires one communication channel, whether it is a bus system or a point-to-point connection. Data or power can be supplied from a single source. This method is also cost-effective because it does not require the addition of a cable and is primarily used for small and medium systems. http://www.pilz.com

Pilz Safety Automation is a company engaged in safety systems and technology to meet the safety standards of a company. Using Safety Automation, Pilz will design safety systems for customer companies. Development of Safety Automation using PLC is expected as a replacement for existing relay systems which, of course, is more understandable in terms of installation and testing. This system is very easily developed and adapted to the desired safety standards and very cost-effective, especially in the maintenance and development stages.

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