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A safety PLC is a specialised type of PLC designed to manage safety functions of a machine or process. Typical functions include E-Stop, safety gates, light curtains, two hand control, and various other input and output interlocks. The main difference between a safety PLC and a standard PLC comes down to the software and firmware aspects of the system. The safety PLC uses specialised software instructions and the firmware typically facilitates monitoring and forced guided logic solving methods in order to achieve a higher level of functional safety. Despite being a more expensive option than a standard PLC, the ease of fault finding, maintenance and modification combined with the enhanced level of safety make the safety PLC a common choice for today’s machine builders and end users. However, no two safety PLC devices are the same, and the confused terminology, varied functionality claims and sheer quantity of available products can turn the simple task of selecting a suitable device into a complex and daunting challenge. This document will serve as a guide to aid selection of a suitable safety PLC device, to assist comparison between the many varied products and to help you better understand what it is you should expect from a safety PLC, pilz safety in Indonesia.

Automation of control systems is extremely common in industry today. Ideally, all control systems would be automated using advanced PLCs. However, in some cases, this is not possible, with many control systems still operating on relay logic. In reality, even control systems currently using relay logic and/or hard-wired interlocking systems still require some maintenance in the form of fault finding, testing, and ongoing development. This is where the Pilz Safety PLC can be of major benefit. With safety and standard control systems combined, the Pilz Safety PLC provides a means of automating control systems, minimizing maintenance, and reducing life cycle costs. The benefits of the Safety PLC can be applied to many different industries, from automotive to water treatment, pilz safety in Indonesia. For Indonesia market please contact at PT.Felcro Indonesia.

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