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A safety PLC may be defined as an industrial control system which places a high priority on the safety and integrity of the automation system, its data, and of the personnel and equipment that it is controlling. In many cases, a safety PLC is a programmed system where the functionality of a given application is contained within a standard PLC, but where safety is a critical issue. Designers may choose to use a standard PLC with safety-related input/output devices, or a specific safety-based controller, depending on the required safety integrity level and the availability of controllers designed specifically for safety-related control tasks. Safety-related input/output devices may be defined in terms of probability of failure, and used in applications where failure would result in an unacceptable level of risk. Pilz safety PLC programming in Indonesia

Traditional safety control methods employ hardwired relay logics. This method is becoming obsolete with the introduction of the safety PLC. This is because the safety PLC can carry out the same functions with increased reliability and much lower cost. The safety functions that can be implemented are diverse, and the safety PLC has many features that can be used to perform these functions. With traditional safety control, only the relay method is available, and the functionality of the safety functions is limited. Safety functions can be complex, and the safety PLC provides a simple method to implement these functions. Hardwired methods are difficult to alter once they have been implemented, whereas the safety PLC can be reprogrammed to carry out new functions. A typical machine may perform several different operations, and the safety requirements may change for each operation. The ability to reprogram the safety control makes the job of meeting safety requirements much easier. Pilz safety PLC programming in Indonesia http://www.pilz.com

Pilz is a German company that specializes in safety automation control systems. The Pilz Safety PLC is a highly configurable and versatile system that has a range of safety functions. In other traditional safety systems, safety functions were only able to be implemented with hardwired relay logics. The Pilz Safety PLC can carry out these safety-related functions and much more with increased reliability. The programming environment of the Safety PLC essentially replaces the traditional methods for machine safety control.

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