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Safety relay Pilz PNOZelog is used to control E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, light curtains, two-hand control devices, and Pressure Sensitive Mats. It provides the E-STOP function with a single device. E-STOP reset can be done only when the output contacts are closed, thus giving better control. PNOZelog has two separate and guided output contacts enabling it to control the E-STOP and resets with a single device. The function can be selected using the rotary switch. It also provides a start-up test function and self-test diagnosis at power-on. With all these functions, it can cater to many safety control applications, but its relatively high price may not be very cost-effective for simple applications. http://www.pilz.com

Relays are the components which sense the fault in an electrical circuit and, by isolating the faulty section from the healthy section of the circuit, it makes a path for a faultless section to give the output. A safety relay checks the condition of a plant and, if a fault occurs, initiates the necessary response. Pilz has various types of safety relays. Following is an overview of the PNOZelog safety relay. he flexibility in the PNOZelog is that the relay has more inputs and outputs compared to the safety relay at the same level. With the concept of lower cost, customers can use the simplest PNOZelog, which consists of a unit of relay, or the more complicated one with the expansion of an input and output module. The increased number of outputs also saves the relays that were activated. The new PNOZelog has a complete type compared to the previous Pilz safety relay. This is proven by the existence of many types of logic modules in the PNOZelog. http://www.pilz.com

The safety relay that has less flexibility to use the required accessories, “more flexibility and cost efficiency in engineering.” The usage of a safety relay is also less complicated in wiring and simpler in maintenance. Having this in mind, Pilz has developed a safety relay that can provide good results for customers. The PNOZelog is one of the safety relays from Pilz that offers more flexibility, cost efficiency, simplicity, and completeness.

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