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Pilz is a global supplier of products, systems and services for automation technology. As a pioneer of safe automation, Pilz creates safety for human

PLC controllers are an important part of Pilz’s Compact Control Systems PNOZmulti, PMCprotego D, and PSS 4000. Pilz PLC controllers fulfill the requirements for Performance Level e in accordance with EN/ISO 13849-1, as well as Safety Integrity Level 3 in accordance with EN/IEC 62061/ISO 13849-1, and are therefore the best possible choice for all safety-related control tasks in your automation projects. Pilz Safety PLC fro Indonesia markets please contact PT. Felcro Indonesia

Pilz PLCs are designed in compliance with binary logic. They execute cyclic programs, which are created using intelligent, predefined function blocks made available in an editor with PLC programming. Pilz PLC controllers are programmed using the well-known, easy-to-learn software tool PAS4000.

The tool contains FBD (PLC language function block diagram) editors for creating the standard and custom libraries and for the editor itself. That means Pilz controllers can also be used on projects outside of safety-related control tasks. Pilz PLC is the central element of the Pilz Compact Control Systems PNOZmulti, PMCprotego D, and PSS 4000. Safety solutions provider since 2011, We offer Pilz safety controllers PSSuniversal.

The PSS universal automation system can be used to program Pilz class C PLC controllers, which are deployed outside of safety-related control tasks, although they must not be used to execute safety-related control tasks (PLd/SIL 2). The product range includes a wide selection of CPUs, input and output modules, and expansion modules for implementing the applications.

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